We pride ourselves in the quality of our Blooms & we want each of our Beauties to enjoy them for as long as possible. Please take the time to read our dedicated care guide to help you pro-long the life of your blooms.


Our fresh bloom collection features some of the finest blooms that the world has to offer.

To keep your blooms at their very best once received cut the stems with a sharpe knife at a 45 degree angle, remove any lower foliage and guard petals then place into water with the flower food provided. The water source should be replaced every two days and the stems recut to ensure freshness.

You should always keep your blooms away from direct sunlight and draughts. The cooler the room temperature the longer your blooms will last. 


Our fresh bloom hat boxes are set in floral oasis foam which is soaked in fresh water with flower food.

Once you receive your hatbox check that the foam is damp by touch and add water if required to ensure longevity of your blooms. Blooms should not be removed from the Hatbox.


Our forever roses & preserved blooms feature real Ecuadorian flowers that have been preserved in a magic solution in their most beautiful state which allows them to last at least one year. 

Always ensure these blooms are never removed from the hatboxes or vases that they are arranged in and keep away from moisture & direct sunlight. DO NOT WATER

BLONDE BAKED (Dried Blooms)

Our dried collection is extensive featuring exquisitely dried blooms. These blooms last for one year plus however they must be kept away from direct sunlight & moisture to ensure longevity.


We only use the finest silk artificial blooms. These blooms last for years and only require light dusting. We do always suggest keeping direct sunlight to a minimum to avoid any colour fade however our blooms are UV protected.


Love Blonde X x



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